Part-Time Continuing Education Courses

The Native Education & Training College offers Part-time Continuing Education courses for you anywhere – anytime. Online learning can easily fit into your schedule by choosing from our Schools, of Business, Healthcare, Human Services, Indigenous , Trades and Technology 24/7. Course start dates are daily, so the time to register is right now at


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School of Human Services
School of Mining

Agropur – Contractor Orientation Woodstock Site (e-learning)
Agropur – Corporative Orientation (E-LEARNING)
Baffinland - Fall Prevention And Protection (ONLINE)
Baffinland - Forklift Safety (ONLINE)
Baffinland-Confined Space (ONLINE)
Baffinland-Field Level Risk Assessment (ONLINE)
Baffinland-Respectful Workplace (ONLINE)
Baffinland-Whmis 2015 (ONLINE)
Baffinland-Zero Energy State Isolation Awareness (ONLINE)
Bombardier - Contractors Orientation
Boom And Scissor Lift Safety
Cargill - Contractors Orientation
Confined Spaces
Crane And Hoist Rigging Safety (ENGLISH Only)
Crane Hand Signals
Domtar Orientation
Electrical Safety: Introduction Z462 And Arc Flash
Ergonomics For Industrial Environments
Fire Extinguisher Safety
First Aid and CPR Course Workshop
Forklift Safety Blended Learning
Forklift Safety
Hand And Power Tools
Hearing Protection
Hot Work
IOC - Electrical Hazard Awareness
IOC - Helicopter Safety
IOC - Pods Service Road Access Protocols (ENGLISH Only)
IOC Autonomous Drilling System Induction
IOC Critical Risk Management Crm (ONLINE) (GC)
IOC Fire Extinguishers Safety
IOC Hot Work Practice
IOC Integrity And Conformity (E-LEARNING)
IOC Orientation Mine Rev.2011 (ELEARNING) (GC)
IOC Personal Lock (E-LEARNING) (GC)
IOC Pit Permit Rev.2011 (E-LEARNING) (GC)
IOC Plant Project Framework (ELEARNING) (GC)
IOC Railway Safety Awareness (E-LEARNING) (GC)
IOC Tailings Orientation (ONLINE)
Kemano T2 Barricading and Controlled Areas (0037-0)
Kemano T2 Fitness for Duty Procedure (0042-0)
Kemano T2 Housekeeping (0021-0)
Kemano T2 Injury And Illness Management (0027-0)
Kemano T2 Isolation and Lockout (0034-0)
Kemano T2 Journey Management (0030)
Kemano T2 PPE (0012-1)
Kemano T2 Project Management of Change (0039-0)
Kemano T2 Provide Electrical Safety (0002-1)
Kemano T2 Remote and Isolated Work (0044-0)
Kemano T2 RT-BC HEC Affected person
Kemano T2 Safe Use of Cranes and Lifting Equipment (0006-0)
Kemano T2 Shift Extension (0043-0)
Kemano T2 Supply and Deliveries (0028-0)
Kemano T2 Tires And Rims Procedure (0017-1)
Kemano T2 Tools (0036-0)
Kemano T2 Work Permits (0038-0)
Kemano T2 Working at Heights (0005-1)
Kidd Operations Environmental Induction (ONLINE)
Kidd Operations General Induction (ONLINE)
Kidd Operations Surface Induction (ONLINE)
Kidd Operations Underground Induction (ONLINE)
Kronos Contractors Induction
Kruger - Contractor Induction Place Turcot (E-LEARNING)
Kruger Bromptonville - Contractors Orientation
Kruger Manufacturing Region East - Contractors Orientation
Kruger Trois-Rivières Contractors Orientation
Kruger Wayagamack  Contractors Orientation
Ladders And Stepladders
Lafarge Carrier Induction (E-LEARNING)
Lafarge St-Constant Orientation Visitors
Lafarge St-Constant Orientation Service Providers
Lantic Contractors Induction (E-LEARNING)
Lockout Tagout
Louisiana Pacific Maniwaki Contractors Induction (ONLINE)
Newmont Goldcorp  Eleonore Mine General Induction (E-LEARNING)
Overhead Crane And Rigging Safety Complete Series
Overhead Crane Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Rolls-Royce Canada Lachine - Contractors Induction
RT-BC Angle Grinder Awareness For Contractors
RT-BC Arc Flash
RT-BC Area Safety Orientation Visitor Only
RT-BC Asbestos Awareness
RT-BC Carbon North Safety Induction
RT-BC Carbon South Safety Induction
RT-BC Casting Safety Induction
RT-BC Confined Space Entry
RT-BC Confined Space Standby Person
RT-BC Contractor Induction T2 Employees
RT-BC Contractor Induction
RT-BC General Electrical Safety
RT-BC HEC Affected Person
RT-BC Hot Work Standby Person
RT-BC Intellectual Property
RT-BC Lone Worker
RT-BC Marsec T2 Employees
RT-BC Marsec
RT-BC Power Ops & Kemano Induction Including CIP
RT-BC Reduction Basement Induction
RT-BC Reduction Electrical Hazards
RT-BC Reduction Safety Induction
RT-BC Wharf Induction T2 Employees
RT-BC Wharf Safety Induction
RT-BC Wildlife (Information Package)
RT-BC Working At Heights
RTFT Havre-Saint-Pierre - Delivery Driver Induction
RTFT Sorel Tracy – Confined Space Standby Person & Autorized Worker
RTFT Sorel Tracy – General Contractors Induction
RTFT Specific Orientation Port Facilities (ONLINE)
RTFT – Contractor Induction Havre-Saint-Pierre (E-LEARNING)
RYAM Lumber (TEMBEC) Cochrane - Contractor Induction
SANIMAX - Hot Work
SANIMAX - SST Orientation
Slips, Trips And Falls
STELCO 2019 Annual Contractor Safety Training (ONLINE)
Tafisa Contractor Induction


Indigenous Courses