MHA111 – Case Management


Admission Requirements
  • Grade 12 or OSSD Equivalent
  • Mature Student with Wonderlic SLE min. cut score minimum 14 on test

Delivery Mode: Online
Textbook: Fundamentals of Case Management Practice  Nelson Publishing 2018

Course Fees: $485.00 (with eTextbook)
Other Compulsory Fees: Registration Fee: $100.00, Shipping/Handling Fee $61.00
Additional Cost: Textbook $175.00 (Hard Copy)
Course Hours: 45 Hours
Course Intake: Every Monday
Department: PT – Continuing Education


In this subject, students will learn a  step-by-step guide through the case management process, from intake and assessment to referrals and termination.  Students will also explore current practice trends and considerations, current legal issues, and ethics and ethical issues.  Students will also focus on the importance of maintaining accurate client information and collaborating with other service providers.


North Bay Campus or Online –

Knowledge Competencies

Facilitating a substance use client’s movement within and between service providers. It includes maintaining accurate documentation, sharing client information appropriately and collaborating with other services providers.

Assists case management colleagues in an administrative or support capacity

Engages courteously and professionally with others

Explains how case management is related to screening, assessment and treatment planning

Explains the process for referral to and from other service providers, including protocols that determine how, when and with whom information and documentation should be shared

Explains the benefits of and process for conducting case conferences and teleconferences, and the situations in which each is appropriate

Adheres to all legislation, guidelines, procedures and protocols about client confidentiality and professional ethics