Emotional Intelligence at Work Workshop


What does the phrase “emotional intelligence in the workplace” encompass? There are five main areas of focus that are included in most studies:

  • Self-awareness – of emotions and self-worth, and confidence in one’s abilities
  • Self-regulation – of emotions, standards of honesty, and adaptability
  • Motivation – drive to achieve goals, commitment, and initiative
  • Empathy – high sense of diversity, compassion, and is driven to assist others
  • Social Skills – skills in conflict management, communication, and leadership


Workshop Objectives:

  • Define and practice the areas of emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Identify and control your emotions
  • Successfully communicate and maintain relationships with others
  • Identify nonverbal communication and consider this information when engaging
  • Successfully execute conflict resolution and overcome other obstacles in the workplace
  • Exhibit empathy and reverence for others
  • Identify anxious and stressful emotions and better control these negative emotions

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