Health Promotion Applied Strategies


Admission Requirements
  • Grade 12 or OSSD Equivalent
  • Mature Student
  • Textbook:
    Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Health; James F. McKenzie – Brad L. Neiger – Rosemary Thackeray
    Health Promotion in Canada – Critical Perspectives on Practice, 3rd edition-Canadian Scholar’s Press
    Principles of Health Promotion and Education 6th Edition 2015 Pearson Education
    Canadian Community As Partner 4th Edition – Theory and Multi-disciplinary Practice Ardene Robinson
    Health: The Basics – Sixth Canadian Edition, Rebecca J. Donatelle; Pearson Publishing 2005

Course Fees: $485.00
Other Compulsory Fees: Inclusive
Course Hours: 60 Hours
Course Intake: Every Monday


This course builds on Health Promotion Fundamentals. Students will build on foundational knowledge of health promotion concepts and begin examining a specific health issue through the social determinants of health and apply a population health approach to a health issue.


North Bay Campus or Online –

Part 1: Illustrate Health Promotion Fundamentals based on foundational learning
Part 2: Apply Health Promotion Fundamentals to a health issue
Part 3: Apply broad approach/interventions to addressing a particular health issue
Part 4: Illustrate how the population health approach applies to a particular health issue

Skill Competencies: Demonstrate foundational knowledge and skill requirements for health promotion

Knowledge Competencies: Describe foundational knowledge and skill requirements for health promotion