Foundations of a CHP Inter-Disciplinary Team


Admission Requirements
  • Grade 12 or OSSD Equivalent
  • Mature Student
  • Textbook:
    Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Health; James F. McKenzie – Brad L. Neiger – Rosemary Thackeray
    Health Promotion in Canada – Critical Perspectives on Practice, 3rd edition-Canadian Scholar’s Press
    Principles of Health Promotion and Education 6th Edition 2015 Pearson Education
    Canadian Community As Partner 4th Edition – Theory and Multi-disciplinary Practice Ardene Robinson

Course Fees: $485.00
Other Compulsory Fees: Inclusive
Course Hours: 60 Hours
Course Intake: Every Monday
Department: PT – Continuing Education


In this subject, students will learn the essential elements of functioning effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team and provision of relevant services and programs within the CHP role. Students will also learn how to establish and maintain clear and appropriate boundaries between personal and professional relationships and the ongoing requirements for continuous professional development.


North Bay Campus or Online –

Part 1: Apply the competencies of a health promotor role in Canada
Part 2: Demonstrate the basics of community leadership
Part 3: Demonstrate self-esteem and assertiveness skills
Part 4: Demonstrate working within an inter-disciplinary team

Skill Competencies: Demonstrate being part of a CHP inter-disciplinary team and role model.

Knowledge Competencies: Discuss the role of a CHP as a member of a inter-disciplinary team and a role model.