CHP Inter-Disciplinary Team in Action


Admission Requirements
  • Grade 12 or OSSD Equivalent
  • Mature Student
  • Textbook:
    Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Health; James F. McKenzie – Brad L. Neiger -Rosemary Thackeray

Course Fees: $485.00
Other Compulsory Fees: Inclusive
Course Hours: 60 Hours
Course Intake: Every Monday
Department: PT – Continuing Education


This course will build on CHP Interdisciplinary Teams. Students will discover the importance of aligning with organizational vision, mission and goals, how to engage in lifelong learning to enhance their effectiveness, and how to apply public health ethics to decision making.


North Bay Campus or Online –

Part 1: Illustrate knowledge of the foundations of CHP interdisciplinary teams
Part 2: Illustrate the importance of mission, goals, objectives related to working with interdisciplinary teams for health promotion
Part 3: Demonstrate the importance of pursuing lifelong learning in the field of health promotion (e.g., professional development; skills development, etc.).
Part 4: Outline the role of public health ethics and how ethics are used in decision making
Part 5: Apply critical thinking skills to health promotion
Part 6: Apply essential time management skills

Skill Competencies: Demonstrate being part of a CHP inter-disciplinary team and role model.

Knowledge Competencies: Discuss the role of a CHP as a member of a inter-disciplinary team and a role model.