Workplace Bullying Workshop

According to, a website that provides workplace resources for employees, employers, managers and small business owners, the definition of workplace bullying is “repeated and unreasonable behavior directed toward an employee or group of employees that creates a risk to health and safety.” This type of harmful behavior in the workplace many times goes unreported, mainly because of it’s shameful, intimidating effect on the victimized employee. So many of these horrible incidents don’t come to light because the employee who is being bullied is working a lower-level position, and are probably being bullied by someone that does the hiring and firing at that company. But, it’s not always a boss or manager who is doing the bullying, and it can very well be a co-worker on the same level and/or pay grade as the person who’s feeling victimized.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Define Workplace Bullying and why it is essential that it is prevented in the workplace
  • Identify the benefits for self and the company, in pursuing an objective of eliminating workplace bullying completely
  • Successfully raise awareness of what workplace bullying is, and how to recognize and prevent it from happening
  • Identify different types of workplace bullying, and how they negatively affect the workplace overall
  • Discuss Human Resources and its best practices to dealing with issues associated with workplace bullying
  • Define the steps to handling complaints associated with workplace bullying
  • Describe the benefits of recognizing and eliminating Workplace Bullying, and the negative effects of ignoring it when it’s happening