Housing Management

  • Program TitleHousing Management
    Credential: Diploma
    Delivery: Online
    Program Length: 3 Semesters (One year)
    Program Availability: Full time or Part time
    Offered: This program is available starting every Monday.

    Program Description

    This Diploma Program will train housing managers so they can do their work more efficiently and effectively. It will enable First Nations housing managers to assist communities to benefit from affordable, healthy, high quality, and well-maintained housing. The program provides learners with the opportunity to develop management skills through a combination of theory and practical application. The interactive approach to learning new skills encourages participants to test new ideas, fine tune relevant skills and share experiences and expertise with other housing managers in a supportive learning environment. The program is intended to provide training to housing managers who work with on-reserve housing programs, or those who may do this work in the future. It will also benefit others involved in First Nations governance or administration.

    Students have a total of fifty-two (52) weeks to complete their program requirements, starting from the date of their first course.

    Students have fifty-two (52) weeks to complete their program requirements, starting from the date of their first course.

    Learning Outcomes

    The key objectives of the program are to provide First Nations on-reserve housing managers with:

    • Practical knowledge and skills to manage housing programs, projects and activities.
    • An introduction to general, transferable management concepts and theory.
    • A culturally relevant learning experience.
    • Practical skills and knowledge required for housing management, including:
      • maintenance management,
      • financial planning, management and accountability,
      • supervision,
      • contracts and tenders,
      • planning and performance management,
      • policy and procedure,
      • effective communication skills and tenant relations,
      • administrative functions, and
      • managing construction and renovations.

    Your Career

    A First Nations Housing Manager may be expected to carry out and/or oversee a wide variety of housing related tasks. A Housing Manager may be a planner, a technician, an administrator, a supervisor, a communicator, a financial officer all rolled into one position. The Housing Manager may require a skill set in all these areas.

    As a First Nations Housing Manager carries out these roles they may find themselves performing some or all of the following tasks:


    • development of housing community plan
    • preparation of housing policies
    • developing short and longer term maintenance plans
    • capital replacement planning

    Technical and/or housing knowledge

    • ensuring construction and renovation meet appropriate standards
    • overseeing new construction and renovation
    • preparation of applications for various housing programs
    • using technical reports for decision making purposes.
    • developing proposals
    • request for bids/tender call
    • annual housing inspections


    • preparing budgets & forecasts
    • monitoring budget take-up
    • using financial reports for decision making purposes


    • designing department & developing job descriptions
    • preparing reports
    • overseeing proper record keeping
    • organizing/preparing for meetings
    • housing committee member/chair
    • maintaining a housing inventory


    • managing housing personnel
    • managing tenant relations
    • preparing written communications
    • making presentations
    • facilitating community meetings
    • staff evaluations

  • Requirements

    College Eligibility

    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent; OR
    • Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate; OR
    • General Educational Development (GED); OR
    • Mature Student status (19 years of age or older and without a high school diploma at the start of the program).

    Call the Admissions Office at 1 (800) 267-2577 for more details. Academic prerequisites for this program may be obtained free of charge through Academic Upgrading.

    Application Process
    Program intake – Apply to this program by visiting our Registration page. If you are entering into this program as a mature student please attach your resume when submitting your registration information online.

  • Courses

    Semester 1
    Basic Study Skills
    Office Applications
    Introduction to Housing Management
    Housing Administration Level 1
    Housing Administration Level 2
    Organizational Behaviour

    Semester 2
    Financial Management for First Nations Housing Managers
    Interpersonal Communications
    Information Management
    Introduction to Construction and Renovations
    Strategic Planning
    Foundations of Leadership for First Nations Managers

    Semester 3
    Advertising and Marketing Communications
    Report and Proposal Writing
    Meeting Management
    Research Skills Development
    Conflict and Dispute Resolution
    Project Management

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  • Course Descriptions

    Semester 1
    Basic Study Skills
    This course will enable students to assess their current study skills and plan for improvement. Students will practice time-management techniques for successful studying. Students will learn to develop powerful reading skills and practice memory techniques to enhance ability to learn and improve test performance. This course will also help students to develop specific study skills for mathematics and related subjects and implement an action plan to improve them.

    Office Applications
    Stuents will learn the skills needed to take full advantage of Microsoft Office applications and features. Students will learn how to manage data in spreadsheets, compose error-free documents, organize email, build engaging presentations, and much more with Microsoft Office.

    Introduction to Housing Management
    Students will be introduced to the role of housing manager and examine key elements of the job: property management, tenant relationships, maintenance management, financial management, supervision, and contract management.

    Housing Administration Level 1
    This course provides an overview of the basic administrative responsibilities expected of a housing manager, including managing meetings, organizational performance, governing documents, and tenant and homeowner relations.

    Housing Administration Level 2
    This course provides an overview of the basic elements of administration, continuing from Housing Administration Level I. Topics include: personnel and performance management, information management, risk management, and maintenance management.

    Semester 2
    Financial Management for First Nations Housing Managers
    An introduction to financial management for the housing manager. Topics include: basics components of financial management for the housing manager, financial responsibilities of First Nation governments, basic accounting concepts and procedures, budgets and cash flows, audits, and financial records and reports

    Interpersonal Communications
    An introduction to interpersonal communications, interpersonal relationships, and development of interpersonal communication skills required in the role of housing manager.

    Information Management
    This course identifies the characteristics of effective written communications and provides some suggestions for productivity tools that can be used when preparing business documents. Students learn how to compose effective letters, memoranda, e-mails and business reports, and, how to use appropriate e-mail and instant message communication techniques.

    Introduction to Construction and Renovations
    Students are introduced to the basic elements of construction and renovations in relation to the responsibilities of the housing manager. Topics include: roles and responsibilities, building houses and building community, selecting house plans and materials, new home construction, site management, contracting, green building principles, best practices in renovations.

    Strategic Planning
    This course outlines the four steps of the planning process: setting a mission/vision, setting strategic goals/plans, setting operational goals/plans, and implementation.

    Foundations of Leadership for First Nations Managers
    The course discusses motivation and addresses why different people are motivated by different things and how best to structure jobs and tasks that motivate people to accomplish important organizational goals. Students will learn the traits and behaviors of effective housing managers. This course also addresses reasons for communicating in organizations and how housing managers view and enact the communication process.

    Semester 3
    Advertising and Marketing Communications
    This course addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of modern marketing communications. Graduates will be able to perform advertising/communications functions using a variety of media techniques. Topics covered include marketing with social media, basic internet marketing, marketing for small businesses, basic internet marketing, marketing with social media, telemarketing: using the telephone as a sales tool, project management and public speaking.

    Report and Proposal Writing
    In this course students will learn four stages of report writing, and strategies for effective writing that will help them create materials that are engaging, understandable, and most important, get read. In addition, students will learn about using persuasive language to write effective proposals.

    Meeting Management
    This meeting management course offers students a proven methodology to managing and facilitating productive meetings. Ideal for students wanting to build their range of meeting management skills and effectiveness in managing meetings with clients and colleagues.

    Research Skills Development
    This course introduces students to several different tools so that they can become a stronger researcher and can create proposals, reports, or simply find good information and review it. Students will start by learning basic research skills techniques like reading, memory recall, note-taking, and planning. Participants also learn about different kinds of outlines, and how to move to writing, editing, and polishing the final work while sharing how to use different sources such as libraries, journals, and the Internet.

    Conflict and Dispute Resolution
    This course describes how conflict can be rooted in real or perceptual differences and can be functional or dysfunctional. We present strategies and tactics – both formal and informal – through which conflicts can be resolved. Students will understand how functional conflict is associated with differences over substantive issues related to desired outcomes or processes, or inherent in the roles of the individuals. Effective apologies, stressing the importance of expressing regret, accepting responsibility, and offering a remedy are also discussed.

    Project Management
    The course gives students a comprehensive foundation in project management and organizational management that applies to not-for-profit, for-profit and government organizations of all sizes. Students will learn how to identify clear project objectives, build detailed project requirements, develop and monitor performance measures, create valuable project management plans, work well with diverse team members and project stakeholders and manage project constraints including scope, quality, cost and time.

  • Fees & Expenses

    Tuition fees listed are in effect for the 2015-2016 academic year.

    • Application Fee: $100.00
    • Textbooks: $975.00
    • Postal Fee: $49.00
    • Tuition Fee: $3,825.00

    Total Tuition & Fees: $4,949.00